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You can find all you need to know about the stainless steel industry (news, market data, forecasts, etc.) in one place.

Extract the information that you need

We know that each user has different requirements. Instead of scrolling through lengthy reports, here you can download exactly what you need to complete your stainless steel puzzle.

Data & Analysis

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Subscribed users can read and download latest news, market data & analysis anytime, 24/7.

Forecasts based on End Use Demand

We track trends in around 75 different end use segments. Our forecasts don't just show one line but different growth trends for each individual segment. We also don't have a crystal ball, but this approach proved to provide accurate results.

End Use Analysis

Improve your strategic vision

Gather information that help you to navigate even through difficult times. Use the the data and analysis to clear the fog and stay ahead of your competition.


Global Industry News

We track all relevant news globally, e.g. market news, trends & new applications in various end use segments, raw material news (scrap, Ni, Cr), producers news (incl. planned capacity expansions), etc.

Industry News

Speak to our industry experts

You can speak to our experienced analysts to learn the stories and context behind the data. On request we can also prepare additional data that are not yet covered by the club.

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