What is the Stainless Steel Club?

The Stainless Steel Club is a unique digital platform with the goal to deliver the latest news, market data and analysis for the global and regional stainless steel market. You can extract the puzzle piece that you need for your strategic business planning at any time, 24/7

Benefits of joining the Club

Who should join the club?

The Stainless Steel Club is targeted to everybody who is interested in the stainless steel market (e.g. raw material suppliers, stainless producers, service centres, stockists, traders, end users). You can select a membership level that suits your needs.

Membership Levels

What is included?

Besides the latest industry news, the club provides a wide range of stainless steel market data (production, demand, trade flows) and an in-depth analysis of the industry (end use structure, forecasts, production costs, etc.).

Market Data & Analysis

Not just data, but also context!

We don't just provide plain market data but we also deliver context so you can understand the stories behind the data. You can speak directly to one of our experienced analysts.

Speak to our Analysts

Who is SMR?

SMR Group, based in Austria, was established 30 years ago as an independent market research company with the mission to provide market intelligence for the stainless and specialty steel industries. Market studies incl. strategic management advice and the organisation of conferences & seminars are our core competences.

Website of SMR

For information about forging, remelted steels, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, titanium and copper, please contact SMR Premium in Dusseldorf, Germany

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