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2024-02-26 Price News Global
Alloy surcharge forecast of Europe stainless steel flat products (grades 304L, 316L, 430) Read more
2024-02-26 Market News Europe
Quota exhaustion in “STS Wire Rod” and “STS Cold Rolled Coils” almost unchanged compared to last week – only India increases significantly in “Quarto Plate” and “Seamless” Read more
2024-02-25 Distributor News America
The robust demand environment continues to support Carpenters Technology's growing profitability. The company expects FY 2024 to become the best on record. Read more
2024-02-24 End User News Global
Electrolux finished Q4 and 2023 with losses amid low demand and significant price pressure. The company expects 2024 to stabilize demand, but pressure on earnings will remain. Read more
2024-02-23 Producer News Europe
Swiss Steel Group has enhanced its product range with the launch of UGIMA®-X martensitic and duplex steels, which are expected to revolutionize the machining world. Read more
2024-02-23 End User News America
GEA is investing EUR 18 million (USD 20 million) in a technology center for alternative proteins in in the state of Wisconsin, USA. Read more
2024-02-23 Market News America
The Port of Los Angeles handled 855,652 TEUs in January, the second-best start to the year on record. Read more
2024-02-23 Europe
Aubert & Duval placed an order for a hydraulic closed-die forging press for its Pamiers site in Ariège, France. Read more
2024-02-23 Market News America
Imports of US stainless steel flat products have been on an uptrend since the beginning of 2023, reminiscent of a trend that started in early 2021. Read more
2024-02-23 Europe
Alco Energy upgraded storage with a 75m3 stainless steel urea tank from Gpi for continous production during holidays. Read more
2024-02-23 Market News, Distributor News America
Canadian steel importers will soon be required to report "country of melt and pour" information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to improve the transparency of import data. Read more
2024-02-23 Market News, Price News China
Stainless steel cold-rolled coil suppliers intend to try raising prices in the near future, being supported by rising nickel quotes and relatively low steel stocks at traders and end-users. Read more
2024-02-23 Market News Asia
Net exports of stainless steel plunged in South Korea in January due to much faster growth of imports. However, this splash is expected to be temporary. Read more
2024-02-22 End User News Global
Miele implements EUR 500 million cost-saving plan, potentially cutting 2,700 jobs, focusing on efficiency in the face of market shifts and aiming for growth. Read more
2024-02-22 End User News Europe
Euroconstruct has projected a concerning outlook for the residential construction sector in Europe. Read more
2024-02-22 End User News Global
By 2040, global liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand is projected to surge by more than 50%, as outlined in Shell's LNG Outlook 2024 report. Read more
2024-02-22 End User News Global
Boeing meets its 2023 targets but still lags behind Airbus, mostly due to safety concerns, making Airbus the top plane maker for the fifth consecutive year. Read more
2024-02-22 End User News America
Tesla engineer debunked corrosion claims on the Cybertruck and confirmed stainless steel's resilience as a reaction to media reports. Read more
2024-02-22 Market News Asia
Indonesian stainless steel exports sharply dropped last year as billet shipments fell on production cuts at Delong’s mill. However, supplies are expected to rise in 2024. Read more
2024-02-22 Market News India
Indian stainless steel exports rose last year, but imports hiked much more. The negative impact on the domestic market grew, causing more voices to call for the introduction of protective measures. Read more