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2024-05-19 Price News Asia
The major Japanese stainless steel maker NSSC claimed a sharp price increase for nickel-based cold-rolled sheets for the third consecutive month, still mainly supported by the raw material segment. Read more
2024-05-18 Producer News India
The biggest Indian stainless steel producer Jindal Stainless Limited (JSL) recently announced its plan to build a melt shop in Indonesia and enter a joint venture (JV) with a Chinese giant. Read more
2024-05-17 Producer News Europe
After the best performance in its history in 2022, Cogne Acciai Speciali saw revenues decline in 2023 amid an even more complex market situation. Read more
2024-05-17 Market News America
The high volume of imports of stainless steel flats into the US during April and May might have marked the beginning of the long-anticipated uptrend. Read more
2024-05-17 Market News Asia
South Korea started the first sunset review on AD duties against stainless steel coils and sheets from China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. A new investigation against Vietnam will soon start. Read more
2024-05-16 Price News Global
Alloy surcharge forecast of Europe stainless steel flat products (grades 304L, 316L, 430) Read more
2024-05-16 Market News America
The recent Mexican import tariff increase for numerous products has largely spared stainless steel goods. In most cases, the tariff set in August 2023 will remain unchanged. Read more
2024-05-16 Distributor News Global
Jacquet Metals had a 19% decrease in sales value and 7.2% decrease in sales volume in the first quarter as the market conditions were characterized by low demand, leading to pressure on prices. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News Europe
Schoeller gains TÜV SÜD's hydrogen resistance certification for stainless steel tubes, readying for hydrogen economy applications. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News Europe
The local Slovenian media article alleging the sale of SIJ contains controversy, as the company owning the majority of SIJ officially denied plans for the sale. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News Europe
Martin Fuhrmann joined the voestalpine’s Management Board team of the High Performance Metals Division. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News America
Butting continues to supply mechanically lined pipes to Brazil, supporting the country’s offshore projects. Read more
2024-05-16 Market News America
Trade tensions between the U.S. and China are escalating as the U.S. confirmed the steep increase of import tariffs for many critical goods, including steel, aluminum, and electric cars from China. Read more
2024-05-16 End User News America
Northrop Grumman displayed a full-size Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle prototype known as Manta Ray. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News India
The largest Indian stainless steel manufacturer claimed record-high production in the January-March quarter, achieved due to stronger local demand, supported by infrastructure projects in particular. Read more
2024-05-16 Producer News, Market News America
Brazil has officially opened an anti-dumping (AD) investigation against imports of stainless steel pipes from India and Taiwan. Read more
2024-05-15 Distributor News Europe
In the first quarter of 2024, BE Group's stainless steel sales value for the business areas of Sweden & Poland and Finland & Baltics decreased 30% (YoY) to SEK 154 million (EUR 13.6 million). Read more
2024-05-15 Producer News, End User News Global
Boosting inter-city travel services in India, the Indian Railways recently unveiled its first Vande Metro train from the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. Read more
2024-05-15 End User News India
Indian automakers witnessed robust sales, driven by launching new vehicle models and the wedding season. However, manufacturers are bracing for challenges in May due to election-related uncertainties. Read more
2024-05-15 End User News India
The majority stake in thyssenkrupp Industries India was sold to the existing co-shareholders Paharpur Cooling Towers and Protos Engineering. Read more