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2024-07-23 Producer News Europe
Q2/2024 revenues declined for all of Alleima’s divisions year-on-year due to fluctuating demand in key sectors. Read more
2024-07-22 Market News Europe
Significant increase of quota exhaustion for India and “Others” in STS HR Quarto Plates Read more
2024-07-22 Market News Asia
South Korean stainless steel exports slumped last month due to production cuts at the major manufacturer’s plant. Import volumes increased slightly, mainly for the same reason. Read more
2024-07-22 Market News China
China’s stainless steel exports dropped slightly last month due to a sharp decline in shipments to Turkiye. However, this decrease was partially compensated by the higher volumes sent to the EU. Read more
2024-07-22 Producer News America
Universal Stainless has reported that a new five-year collective bargaining agreement has been signed at its North Jackson facility in Ohio. Read more
2024-07-22 Producer News, Raw Material News America
Aperam Recycling, through its American entity, ELG Utica Alloys (ELG), and IperionX have partnered on an innovative titanium processing and product manufacturing program. Read more
2024-07-21 Producer News Europe
Alleima has developed new steel for more sustainable and energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers. Read more
2024-07-20 End User News China
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently released data for China’s shipbuilding industry in H1 2024. The sector is still on the rise and is leading globally. Read more
2024-07-20 Producer News America
A South Korean holding SeAH is moving forward with plans to build a high-performance metal manufacturing facility in the U.S. Read more
2024-07-19 Producer News Europe
Italian stainless steel longs producer Cogne Acciai Speciali has moved forward in transitioning to environmentally sustainable production, entirely shifting to renewable energy sources in the EU. Read more
2024-07-19 Producer News Europe
Italian stainless steel flat products maker Arvedi Acciai Speciali Terni (Arvedi AST) has communicated to unions its summer production halt schedule. Read more
2024-07-19 Producer News Europe
Centravis Balev 304L and 316L are next generation steel grades engineered for high-pressure applications, demonstrating mechanical properties that may exceed those of Duplex stainless steel. Read more
2024-07-19 End User News Europe
Air Liquide's innovative large scale CO₂ liquefaction technology, Cryocap™ LQ, has been selected by Stockholm Exergi, to contribute to its Bio-Energy Carbon Capture & Storage project. Read more
2024-07-19 Global
Reliance, the largest North American steel service center, has announced its third acquisition since the beginning of the year. Read more
2024-07-18 Producer News India
One of India’s fastest-growing industrial companies, Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited achieved a solid rise in stainless steel, the producer's new segment. SMEL has ambitious expansion plans. Read more
2024-07-18 Distributor News Europe
Heine + Beisswenger (H+B) has successfully inaugurated its new warehouse in Trossingen, a town located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Read more
2024-07-17 Market News Asia
Taiwanese stainless steel exporters reduced shipments in June, mainly due to weakened demand in the EU. Meanwhile, hot-rolled coil imports from China and Indonesia jumped over the month. Read more
2024-07-17 Raw Material News Global
Global production of molybdenum fell by 3% to 157.1 million pounds (71.2 kt) in Q1/2024 compared to the previous quarter, according to IMOA (International Molybdenum Association). Read more
2024-07-17 Market News, Price News Asia
Taiwanese stainless steel cold-rolled coil manufacturers slashed their export prices in July, affected by weakening EU demand. Some kept offers nominally stable but ready for discounts. Read more
2024-07-17 End User News China
Chinese automakers increased production and sales in June m-o-m but dropped in comparison to year-ago performance. Although H1 results increased, the industry needs support to boost local buying. Read more