EC officially extends duties on SSCR from Indonesia to imports from Taiwan, Türkiye, and Vietnam

2024-05-09 Producer News, Market News, Distributor News Europe
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To combat circumvention, the EC has extended anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Indonesian stainless steel cold-rolled coils to products from Taiwan, Türkiye, and Vietnam.
The European Commission (EC) announced on May 7 the final Implementing Regulations, extending Indonesian duties to cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and coils (SSCR) imported from Taiwan, Türkiye, and Vietnam. This decision aligns with the preliminary findings from March, which demonstrated that the Indonesian measures had been circumvented via imports of SSCR made from Indonesian slabs and hot-rolled coils from these countries. The EC has also confirmed that full exemptions have been granted to eight producers from these countries and that Türkiye has been excluded from the anti-dumping (AD) investigation. Additionally, the EC will monitor the Indonesian input materials in SSCR imports from exempted producers. Continue Reading? Please click box below!

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