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How political strikes in Finland affect stainless steel industry?

2024-02-16 Producer News, Raw Material News, Distributor News Europe
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This week, Finland continued grappling with political strikes, impacting its social and economic life, with stainless steel companies like Outokumpu and many others facing disruptions.
Starting from early February 2024, the strikes driven by opposition to the government's labor market reforms and cuts to social welfare, have had a widespread impact on daily life and the economy. The affected sectors include transportation (trains, buses, and air traffic), energy, construction sites, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, postal services, and various public services like kindergartens and schools. Companies in the food industry, construction, and energy sectors saw partial or complete cessations of operations, according to local media reports. The stainless steel sector is facing disruptions too, hoping they will be short-lived. Continue Reading? Please click box below!

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